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The Faculty of Pharmacy was founded on September 27, 1946 in Klaten (a small city situated near Yogyakarta) as Higher Institute of Drug. In this institution the Faculty was grouped together with Fac.of Medecine, Fac.of Dentistry Fac.of Agriculture and Fac.of Veterinaire. The institution was leaded by Prof. Dr. M. Sardjito. Beginning December 19, 1948 the institution was closed because of war, and re-opened on November 1, 1949 at Yogyakarta. On December 19, 1949 all institutions in Yogyakarta was united and became the University Gadjah Mada. At this University, pharmacy was a department of the Faculty of Medecine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. In September 19, 1955, the Department of Pharmacy was separated and officially became the Faculty of Pharmacy. 

The present Faculty comprises three Departments: Pharmaceutical Biology which encompasses pharmacognosy and phytochemistry; Pharmaceutics which encompasses pharmaceutical technology, compounding and dispensing, and physical pharmacy; Pharmaceutical Chemistry, encompassing medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology. The Faculty currently has a teaching staff of over 80 and lecturers are continually engaged in research activities. Since its inception, the Faculty has graduated more than 2,300 pharmacists. Two study programs are currently offered; the undergraduate program covers eight semesters and requires that students achieve a minimum of 144 credits, and a program in Pharmacy Studies requiring two semesters of instruction and achievement of a minimum of 30 credits. Graduates from the Faculty obtain comprehensive instruction in the use of medicinal drugs, quality control, environmental health, together with guidance relating to the use of traditional medicine. Research skills are also introduced during the course of the program. Students completing the undergraduate program may expect to find employment in a growing number of areas. Besides the many pharmacies and hospitals in Indonesia, two of the bigger organizations that have offered employment to our graduates are the Indonesian Ministry of Health and the Directorate General of Food and Medicinal Drugs Supervision. In the private sector, many opportunities exist in pharmacutical, cosmetic and food and beverage companies. 

The Faculty of Pharmacy at The Gadjah Mada University has a well deserved reputation for providing its students with outstanding education and training in pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical biology, pharmacology and toxicology. Graduates of the faculty have become professors and deans at prestigious colleges of pharmacy and many colleges related to chemistry, and managers, directors and experts of many pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and pharmacy shops (apotheek) in Indonesia. The faculty has a good research cooperation and scientific development with the department of pharmacochemistry, Free University Amsterdam the Netherlands since the last 10 years, as well as many researches cooperations with many private institutions in Indonesia (development of phyto pharmaca and development of new drug molecules). 

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